Digital Demo Stockholm

TechTensta and iWater nominated
TechTensta has moved forward to the second round of its nomination for Team of the Year at Framtidsgalan. The event will take place at Vasateatern november 20.
To add to this, iWater has been nominated for ”Best Sustainability Project” at the CIO Awards this december.

Digital Demo Stockholm is a collaborative initiative that aims to improve and facilitate the life of citizens in the Stockholm region by means of digital solutions. The collaboration is a long-term partnership based on research and innovation between the public sector, academia and industry, and will contribute to a sustainable and attractive society, aiming to make Stockholm the world’s smartest city in 2040.

The project addresses societal challenges and allows solutions to emerge from the creative platform Openlab whose daily operations rests on design thinking; a process and method for developing innovative solutions according to the principle “Make First – Think – Do It Again”.

Digital Demo Stockholm wants to establish a dynamic ecosystem where the power of innovation amongst the citizens in Stockholm is taken care of properly. Consequently, the project will also work with different centers, companies and researchers who can contribute to the development of digital solutions.