About us

Digital Demo Stockholm is an innovation partnership that aims to improve and facilitate life for residents in the Stockholm region. The public sector, academia and the business community – together, we will make Stockholm the world’s smartest city by 2040




Digital solutions that make life easier

Digital Demo Stockholm operates based on the triple helix model – the public sector, academia and the business community work together to resolve a range of challenges faced by society by developing smart digital functions. New expertise to meet future needs and greater business opportunities are created simultaneously. 

One of the current societal challenges involves creating a secure existence for elderly residents. Examples of digital solutions may include technology to make life easier and increase opportunities to feel a sense of community with other people.

The strained traffic situation presents another challenge. One conceivable digital solution is to develop smart traffic lights that improve traffic flow and increase accessibility for public transport.

A life on equal terms for vulnerable groups is another challenge where digital solutions can help. This may involve creating access to digital technology that provides opportunities for security and belief in the future.

Access to clean water may appear to be self-evident, but securing the water supply for the region in the long term presents a challenge. Digital technology can be used here as well; both to streamline operation and maintenance and to measure quality

The digital solutions emerge in research and development projects, known as demos, where researchers and technicians work together on developing usable technology. They devise solutions that can be tested, demonstrated and evaluated. When a demo has good results, this provides conditions to use it in a number of locations, both in Stockholm and elsewhere in Sweden, as well as globally

Digital Demo Stockholm started in 2016 and is a collaboration that is expected to last for several years. The parties involved in DDS are Region Stockholm, City of Stockholm, ABB, Ericsson, Skanska and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

One idea is to also establish a dynamic ecosystem that utilizes the power of innovation amongst the citizens in Stockholm. Consequently, Digital Demo Stockholm will also collaborate with different centers, companies and researchers who can contribute to the development of digital solutions.

The interdisciplinary working method within Digital Demo Stockholm is being developed with the support of Vinnova.


Steering Committee

Digital Demo Stockholm’s steering committee is made up of representatives of the operations' various partners

Think tank

The think tank is the starting point for Digital Demo Stockholm’s various projects and innovative processes

Communication Council

Responsible for communication strategy, external monitoring, a joint website, other joint communication materials and joint activities