Energy efficient healthcare

How can we reduce the energy consumption in healthcare?

Energy efficient healthcare

How can we reduce the energy consumption in healthcare?


Region Stockholm aims to reduce the energy consumption in healthcare properties by 10% from 2011-2021 and 30% to 2030. To achieve this, energy consumption for both property and the healthcare operations which are undertaken there needs to be measured and interpreted more efficiently.

Establish a collaboration between property management and healthcare operations in order to easily exchange data. A broad analysis platform is developed and used as a basis for interventions.

The project will proceed from Q1 2018 to Q2 2019. Participating partners are Region Stockholm, Locum, ABB, Vattenfall and KTH.

Project Energy efficient healthcare is a collaboration between Region Stockholm with Locum and Danderyds sjukhus, Vattenfall, KTH, Ericsson and Telia. 

  • Pre-study funded by Vinnova complete
  • ViableCities have grated funds for the innovation project in preparation

Annika Larsson, Vattenfall,

More on energy efficient healthcare

Stockholm is a dynamic region in rapid development with a growing number of residents. Region Stockholm is an important part of the region's efforts to achieve sustainable development with limited environmental impact.

Region Stockholm's target is to reduce energy consumption in care properties by 10 per cent between 2011 and 2021 and by 30 per cent by 2030. In the health care sector, energy is used to run physical properties, as well as in health and research activities. There is currently no combined system for measuring, analysing and coordinating the total energy used to run properties and health care. This something that the Energy-Efficient Care project is expected to contribute to.

Digital solutions and coordination
The project is intended to develop digital solutions that make it possible to analyse energy consumption for both property operation and health care activities. The purpose is to identify and visualise opportunities for better use of energy.

Data exchange for energy saving
A broad analysis platform for data management is being set up to provide knowledge of where and how energy must be measured, so as to provide data with as straightforward installation as possible. With a better understanding of energy consumption, opportunities are created to implement efficient energy-saving measures. A data exchange is also established between property managers and care personnel in the work of making energy consumption more efficient.

Upscaling and Big Data
The project will also contribute to stimulating Swedish industry in the development of digital solutions and energy services. This is something that can give companies a strong position in the domestic and global markets. When the digital solution is tested and ready, there are also opportunities to scale it up for more areas of application. The project also has the potential to be an excellent example of Big Data Analytics: analysis of large volumes of digitally stored information.

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