Smart locks

Digital locks – a key to security and quality of life?

Smart locks

Digital locks – a key to security and quality of life?


Many seniors find it unpleasant to leave home keys to more or less unknown people. Handling of keys in the home care service is resource-intensive.

By changing or supplementing with digital and key-free solutions there is great potential for increased efficiency, reduced costs and increased security and greater freedom for the elderly.

Stockholms Stad, KTH, ABB, Skanska och låskonsulttjänster köpta av Certego.

  • Phase 1 concluded as a report was submitted to Stockholm city. Phase 1 was funded in part by means from Vinnova (900t SEK, support level 29%)
  • Phase 2 is divided in two parts, one procurement-phase and one phase focusing on employees.
  • In 2018 the project will also focus on the effect smart locks may have on increased security and decreased costs.

Anna-Carin Busk, Skanska,

More about Smart locks

One of the City of Stockholm's identified objectives is that all the elderly can have a safe old age and receive good quality care. As part of achieving this objective, this project has produced the basis for a new procurement of smart locks for the City of Stockholm’s home services.

Introducing a digital lock solution means.

  • Increased safety and security for users of home services/security alarms.
  • More time to devote to care for the individual.
  • A better psychosocial work environment for employees in home services.
  • The possibility of faster assistance and action in case of emergency situations at home.
  • Reduced environmental impact.

Demo project

No evaluation and comparison of different suppliers' system solutions in terms of interfaces and ease of use have previously been made on a large scale. As a unique test, in September 2017 the project performed a demo project with the aim of evaluating the impact and consequences for home services personnel, users, the City of Stockholm’s safety hotline and the City of Stockholm.

A future digital lock solution must work equally well for property owners, different types of properties and home services companies and users and their relatives. The knowledge acquired about digital locks will also benefit other City of Stockholm services.

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