How technology can inspire and motivate young people, encouraging study and development


How technology can inspire and motivate young people, encouraging study and development


To use technology to motivate and engage young people in collective exploration and help them perceive the practical value of knowledge

The physical meeting place and digital creative workshop “TechTensta” aims to increase awareness of information and communications technology (ICT) among young people in Tensta/Järva. The Tech-gård’s various tech-influenced leisure activities aim to strengthen the future prospects of young people, help to bring about a meaningful existence and develop their networks through mentoring.
TechTensta will be able to make a positive contribution to young people in Järva in a number of ways:

- Increasing awareness of ICT and promoting learning and exploration
- Strengthening young people in respect of their personal development and providing motivation for higher studies
- Making the most of young people’s own abilities, initiatives and driving forces
- Developing young people’s social networks through mentoring
- Promoting security and giving young people something productive, meaningful and fun to do after school
- Creating an equal meeting place on equal terms
- Using events and functions at the Tech-gård to create job opportunities Promoting involvement and participation in the community
- Giving young people a place that they can be proud of

Ericsson, City of Stockholm, KTH

- Contracts in the city’s KF budget for 2017 and 2018. A steering committee has been set up and is chaired by the District Director 
- Funds have been received from the Vinnova initiative “Reality lab” relating to a pilot study (SEK 0.3 million, funding level 100%)
- Funds from the city’s social investment fund
- The option of applying for additional funding is being examined
- The project plan has been adopted 
- Premises have been rented and opened
- Activities under construction
- TechTensta has moved up in the nomination for the “Team of the Year” category of Framtidsgalan. The Gala will be taking place at Vasateatern on 20 November

  • Mission in the citys’ KF-budget 2017 and 2018. Steering committee established.
  • Funds from the Vinnova “Realitylab” regarding pilot study (0,3 m SEK, supportlevel 100%)
  • Means from the citys’ social investment fund
  • Possible additional funds examined
  • Project plan determined
  • Space rented and opened
  • Setting up operation
  • TechTensta has moved forward to the second round of its nomination for Team of the Year at Framtidsgalan. The event will take place at Vasateatern november 20.


More information on TechTensta

In the spring of 2015, the Spånga-Tensta district administration suggested that young people from a suburban area should be offered summer jobs at the City of Stockholm Town Hall. The city management office formed a youth commission based on this idea. This team worked through the summer of 2015. The youth commission was made up of 13 young people from Spånga-Tensta who were working during their holidays. They were tasked with implementing an initiative for a socially sustainable Stockholm, primarily in the Järva region.
The aim of this project was to examine the criteria for cooperation between the ICT cluster (information and communications technology companies on the Kista industrial estate) in the City of Stockholm and young people in Järva. The youth commission held study visits, workshops and interviews, and identified the ICT companies’ ambitions and young people’s dreams and thoughts about the future. One of the conclusions of the youth commission was that some ICT companies had a desire to help improve Järva. However, the companies did not have any partner within the municipality of Stockholm.

The youth commission realised at the same time that the young people in the area around Järvafältet wanted a high-tech youth centre, known as a Tech-gård. The aim of the Tech-gård is to promote inspiration among young people to complete ICT training and obtain mentoring support from universities and ICT companies.
The most key issue, linked with problems caused by the fact that there is a lack of structured strategies for promoting contact between good role models and young people embarking upon adult life, is that the Tech-gård will be a natural meeting place where young people can meet role models. This is so because the primary activities of the Tech-gård will be conducted at Tensta Torn, in the same building where a couple of hundred students will be living. It is highly likely that they will visit the Tech-gård, and they will also be involved in helping with the activity content at the Tech-gård. Valuable ties will be forged between young students and young people in Järva – perhaps crucial, lifelong ties for young people who are otherwise at risk of exclusion

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