Design Thinking – innovative solutions to society’s challenges

With the Design Thinking process we address society’s challenges with tools derived from design work. Digital Demo Stockholm is based on the Triple Helix model – a unique collaboration between the public sector, academia and industry.

Triple Helix is a working model based on the interplay between academia, industry and the public sector. The method was developed in the 1990s with the aim of stimulating social and economic development in society.

Digital Demo Stockholm has six focus areas for innovation, development and research:

  1. Access to clean water
  2. Better life for the elderly
  3. Traffic efficiency
  4. Technology for equal opportunity
  5. Energy efficiency
  6. Digital care and health care

Design thinking is a process for addressing challenges in an iterative, exploratory way with tools derived from design work. Digital Demo Stockholm uses design thinking as process support with the goal to test and validate digital technology. In this way, better conditions are created for: 

the public (the city and city council) in order to create a better understanding about what is supposed to be procured and thus better be able to set requirements for procurements that utilizes the potential of technology by testing and evaluating new concepts for solving business challenges.

The companies to develop new technical solutions, offers and business models with a deeper understanding of the complex challenges a growing region faces and what services or products will be demanded by the public.

The Academy to express research questions based on the challenges of the growing region and to educate students with a stronger link to the future needs identified.

Learn more about Design Thinking here.

Openlab is a creative platform for collaboration founded and funded by Stockholm City, Stockholm County Council, County Administrative Board, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm University, Södertörn University and KTH. Openlab puts Stockholm at the forefront of technological and social innovation and offers Digital Demo Stockholm a platform for meetings and support in process management. Openlab’s operation rests on design thinking, a process and method for addressing societal challenges and developing innovative solutions according to the principle “Make First – Think – Do It Again”. The methodology and the open and purposeful spaces of Openlab create the conditions for the work of Digital Demo Stockholm to succeed. Read more about Openlab.