The founders of the initiative Digital Demo Stockholm are ABB, Ericsson, The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Scania, Skanska, Stockholm County Council (SLL), Stockholm City, and Vattenfall. These organizations are represented in a steering committee, a think tank and a communication council. The steering committee is responsible for directional decisions for the focus areas. The Think Tank creates opportunities for the success of demo-projects by discussing funding processes, agreement templates, assessment models, methods for workshop support, and also engages in lobbying for the respective organisations in order to staff the demo projects.

Communication Council
Is responsible for  the general communication strategy, internal and external DDS communication, and the demo project result communication policy.

Technical Council
Identifies technical cross-roads for synergies based on questions emerging from the demos

Policy Council
Defines how DDS should relate to the operational, legal, and commercial framework for the stakeholders.