Smart traffic lights

Challenge: The traffic in Stockholm is increasing while the city’s emissions are supposed to decrease. The city is facing the challenge of increasing accessibility and reducing travel times to reduce CO2  emissions from vehicles and particles in the air from traffic.

Solution: To improve accessibility in the city, a system of sensors is installed at a number of traffic points in the city, a so called adaptive coordinated signal control.

In order to improve traffic flow in the city a system of sensors at a number of traffic points in the city will be installed:

  • optimize the traffic flow by controlling the traffic lights
  • use real-time data
  • give priority to the selected mode of transport such as buses, pedestrians and bicycles

Participants in this demo:

Albania Nissan KTH
Anders Broberg Stokab
Anders Fagerholt Ericsson
Andreas Höglund Scania
Erik Jenelius KTH
Fredrik Davidsson Movea
Harald Herrmann Keolis
Jonas Mårtensson KTH
Lars Johansson Trafikkontoret
Magnus Almkvist Trafikförvaltningen
Mats Månsson Swarco
Mattias Hellström Keolis
Olof Sjöstrand Ericsson
Simon Moritz Ericsson
Stefan Myhrberg Ericsson
Wojciech Goj Swarco