TechTensta nominated for award
TechTensta has moved forward to the second round of its nomination for Team of the Year at Framtidsgalan. The event will take place at Vasateatern november 20.

Challenge: Through technology, motivate and engage young people to explore together and see the practical value of knowledge.

Solution: The meeting point and digital workshop space ”TechTensta” will contribute to raise knowledge about ICT for the young people in Järva. TechTensta’s different meaningful and fun after school activities will strengthen the young people in their personal development, abilities, initiatives and driving forces through mentoring.

A Tech-House could contribute positively to young people in Järva in several ways:

  • Increase knowledge of ICT and motivate to higher education
    Create role models and develop young people’s social networks
  • Promoting security and giving young people something productive to do after school
  • Creating a gender venue where both girls and boys can be on equal terms
  • Through events and functions at Tech Farm create “odd jobs” that provides a first line of young people’s CV